How Bands are Making a Successful Comeback in the Music Industry


Staging a successful comeback after going into a long hiatus can prove to be challenging to some artists in the music industry. For some reasons, individual singers and bands choose to have a long break even though they are on top of their careers.

When it comes to bands, falling out among band members, health issues and change of priorities of individual members are common causes of a musical group to go into a forced hiatus. But after some time, the passion for music will surely fire up again, and soon we hear that our favorite band is on a comeback trail. But will they be successful?

Balancing the Past and the Present

guitarists Rob Halford, lead vocalist of Judas Priest, a band which is considered the metal god for over forty years now; opined in an interview that balancing their past and the present songs during their concerts is important to please fans who have not seen their favorite band for 3-4 years. Judas Priest was on a North American tour to promote their Redeemer of Souls album in 2014. It has released its last album, Nostradamus in 2008.

Doing concert tours in major cities is a way to reconnect with old fans and gain new ones. For ageless bands like Judas Priest and Journey, inserting their old songs in their gigs lights up the flame once again while their new songs would try to woo the new generation of music lovers.

Contracting a Well-Known Front Act

A promotional tour can be given a big boost by getting the services of a famous individual or group to be the front act during concerts. A front act with a following of its own can increase ticket sales definitely. This will create the opportunity to have a new audience who may be hearing the kind of music a particular band is playing. Be it a once-popular pop, rock and roll, or heavy metal band, the choice of a front act can genuinely help in their desire to capture once again their fair share of music patrons.

Contracting an Efficient Promotional Team

During these times when stiff competition in the music industry is evident with the emergence of many music icons, a come-backing singing group can only make a headway in their quest for new fame by contracting the services of a dynamic promotional pool. A promotional agency can do wonders by stirring excitement over the group.

In this age of social media, a band on the comeback trail can gain additional exposure along with tested media outlets such as the radio, TV and print media.

noteEvolving Music

An album comprising of well-chosen tracks with state-of-the-art technical support should characterize a comeback album of a band coming back from an extended lay-off. An ill-prepared comeback album has proven to be the doom of some aspiring come-backing music icons in the past.

Decades-old bands are able to sustain their popularity because their music does not only target their generation but also the new. While naysayers can immediately dismiss the comeback aspirations of old music icons, topnotch musicians cannot be denied their second breath of success by their enormous talents. Talented musicians will surely know how to evolve their music to be able to woe back old fans and gain the admiration of new ones.