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Important Tips for Gun Enthusiasts

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There are basic gun tips that most gun enthusiasts don’t know or probably ignore and that’s why there is a lot of accidental shooting everywhere. Guns are dangerous when not handled or used properly, they can create a disaster quickly. You can get primary arms discount when buying a gun. Here are important tips for all gun enthusiasts.

Unload When not in Use

Firearms should only be loaded when you are in the field, on the target range, or ready to shoot. When not in use they should be unloaded and kept in a secure place. It is your responsibility as a gun owner to prevent unauthorized adults and children from accessing your firearm.

Always remember to unload your gun as soon as you are finished shooting and before you bring it to the house or in the car. Check the chamber, receiver, and magazine to ensure that there is no ammunition inside. Never assume that a gun is unloaded take the initiative of checking it for yourself. Before climbing a tree or a wall stop first and unload your gun for maximum safety.

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Always Think about Security

Guns are mechanical devices that can become inoperable at the worst time possible. Treat your gun as though it can fire at any time. The safety might be “on” when you think it’s “off”. Stay away from the trigger not unless you want to shoot. The gun can fire when you release the safety even without touching the trigger.

Never place the safety in between the two positions. Never rest a loaded gun against any object it can slide from its position and be forced to discharge. Any blow or jar strong enough can actuate the firing mechanism causing it to fire regardless of the position of the safety.

Understand your Target

Remember once a gun fires you have no control over where the shot will go or what it will strike. Know exactly where your shot is going to strike and be sure that the bullet will not injure anyone around or beyond your target. Do not fire at a movement or noise without knowing what you are shooting at.

Take some time to know where your target is and where the bullet will stop. Note that even a 22 short bullet can travel over 11/4 miles and a high-velocity cartridge of 30-06 can send the bullet up to 3 miles and beyond. Shotgun slugs have a range of over half a mile while shotgun pellets can travel up to 500 yards.

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Master your Shooting Skills

Never point your gun at anything or anyone you don’t want to shoot whether your gun is loaded or not. Keep the barrel of the weapon pointed on the ground until you are ready to shoot your target. A lot of firearms accidents occur when you point your gun in the wrong direction.

Make sure that the muzzle is pointed in the safe direction when loading and unloading your firearm. Safe directions simply mean the direction in which the bullet cannot strike anyone or anything accidentally. Always know where the muzzle of your gun is pointing at all times.