Tips for Buying Potent Cannabis Buds

cannabis buds

Different factors can affect the level of potency of cannabis buds. Like any plant, when conditions for growth are favourable for cannabis plants, the resulting buds are healthy and optimally potent depending on the strain. When purchasing cannabis, it all comes down to how well you know the plant or supplier. This is because you’re going to select from a range of strains that have been grown, harvested, and cured individually. Check out for a full range of cannabis flowers. Depending on the desired effect from the product, what may deem potent in terms of THC levels is not what another person will be seeking. The most important detail, however, is how well the desired effect is achieved from the bud. The following tips can help when selecting potent cannabis buds.

Examine the Cannabis Flowers

The level of THC in cannabis determines its potency. You must identify and select high-quality buds since they are most likely to have high levels of THC. It all comes down to the appearance, feel smell and structure of the flower. Many say the more the number of trichomes you can see with the naked eye, the higher the levels of THC and hence this is another indicator of potency. It is easy to spot a bud that has gone bad from the four qualities above.

Generally, the more pleasant and pungent the aroma, the better a bud is. If it looks healthy and is visually appealing, it is a good bud. Top shelf bud feels sticky and slightly spongy when you squeeze it gently. All these qualities are important because they will enable you to make the difference between good and bad quality flowers. This way, you are more capable of identifying buds with high THC levels.

Get Familiar with the Strains Available

Please do your research on the different strains there are as well their THC levels. There are numerous strains to choose from each with its level of the main driver of potency, THC. Some websites even have different reviews from people based on their experience on the use of a certain strain. This can help you understand different strains and help you pick better.

Purchase from Well-Known Vendor

The best place you can purchase marijuana is a cannabis dispensary, whether physical or online. It’s not only because of how convenient it is but also because of the wide array of selection that is offered. You can also get more educated on the kinds of strains and their effects to know what will best suit your preferences and cannabis needs. You can also be assured of quality when purchasing marijuana from a cannabis shop.